HIY | Hang-It-Yourself Garland

Do you have an out of town event or a small at-home gathering where you’re looking to add a festive touch at an affordable price? We offer HIY Garlands that are an answer to those needs! Our HIY garlands are 6’-8’ in length and a combination of balloon sizes from standard 11” balloons and to add fullness and dimension everything from 5” to 17” balloons.

HIY Garlands start at $75 and you can pick-up your HIY garland at your convenience or we can drop it off for you on your porch! They come ready to hang; no ordering and waiting for the balloons to be delivered, ordering a balloon pump, blowing them up, figuring out how to make it, and THEN hanging it. We do everything but the install, for you!

Ready to book? Follow this link to our Contact Us Page and get started!

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