Ariel Forren & Holly Kallemyn


Ariel and Holly are the creative minds behind Haute Air which they began in January 2020. They are also the balloon builders, installers, billing department, inventory specialists, CFOs, marketing department and clean-up crew! They are wives, mothers, community members and long-time Boerne residents who pride themselves on giving back to their community.

Ariel and Holly met while serving on their children’s school PTO Board. Their first project together was decorating for the Fall Festival and making none other than balloon arches and columns! There, the idea to start a balloon business was born.

Ariel is mom to three girls ranging from elementary school to high school. (Go Greyhounds!) She stays busy keeping up with Haute Air, her home and all of her girl’s school and extracurricular activities.

Holly is a mom to two girls in elementary and middle school and she and her family also foster. Between kids, school, extracurriculars and fostering, oh and Haute Air, Holly likes to volunteer for non-profits near and dear to her heart.

Fast Facts


Favorite color combo: Currently obsessed with natural color combos.
Early AM or PM Installs: AM 100%! I love when I get home from an install and my kids are just waking up!
Favorite Season: Christmas. That’s a season, right?! (Yes, Ariel! It is a season for sure!)
Strengths: Design. I love putting together over-the-top, fun themes and color combos.
Weaknesses: Not always calculating how much time/money/work goes into those over-the-top ideas! Oh, and my lack of social media/office skills! 🙂


Favorite color combo: I love making custom colors. I could spend hours mixing balloons to create one-of-a-kind colors. “Texas Sage”/Eucalyptus green is currently my favorite. I also love chrome gold, corals, turquoise…I can’t choose just one. Bright, neutral/boho, black and gold is a classic; I love them all!
Early AM or PM Installs: AM! I’m an early bird and I like having the rest of the day to spend with my family.
Favorite Season: Fall/Christmas
Strengths: The office work/ “back-end” of the business (website, inventory, social media, etc.)
Weaknesses: Heights, which is often difficult to avoid when we’re working with 12+ft ceilings and porch installs! And Dr. Pepper.