Balloon Safety and Sustainability

Celebrations and balloons are like peanut butter and jelly; they just go together! Haute Air not only values your trust in choosing to work with us on your event or special occasion, we also value the safe use and environmental impacts of latex balloons!

We only use the highest quality balloons and never kits that can be found online or in discount stores. The balloons that come in discount packs on Amazon or non-wholesale balloon sites are thinner; leading to more popping and sometimes not 100% latex and not biodegradable. We only use reputable distributors who source their balloons direct from the manufacturer. The balloons are pure latex, more durable and biodegradable.

We never encourage or sell helium filled balloons for balloon releases. Helium filled balloons should be kept weighted down with the weight we use to deliver them. When you’re done, the balloons can be popped and thrown away.
– Never inhale the helium from helium-filled balloons.
– Children under 3 must be closely monitored while around balloons, filled or popped!
– Never release balloons
– Reuse or compost foil balloons
– Latex balloons are biodegradable and can be placed in any trash collection bin.

For more information on balloons and their safe use, check out the following resources:

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