Garland Pricing & Info

Our organic style garlands are Haute Air’s most popular and requested item. They can work in any space and be customized to each event. In today’s blog post we hope to answer our most frequent questions about how to order and how the price is calculated.

At Haute Air we mainly charge by the linear foot. “Mainly?” You ask? Yes, because while we  start with our 6’ garland  as a building block this doesn’t account for the fullness you see in most of the “Instagram Worthy” garlands you see.  If you were to order a do-it-yourself balloon garland kit you will most likely receive 12” balloons and maybe a handful of 9″ or 5” balloons. At Haute Air we add even more fullness and dimension with a mixture of balloons ranging in size from 5”, 9″, 16″ and up to 3’!

Keep scrolling for an idea of our garland sizes from our Hang-In-Yourself garland (6 feet) to over 36′ of garland.

Standard Garland
This is our standard garland that is installed by us!

Fluffy Garland
If you’re wanting a more full garland, our next step up is something similar to this. Instead of one garland strand with 9″ and 5″ fillers, we add more 11″ and 16″ balloons to create a fuller, fluffier garland.
Grande Garland
For bigger, taller spaces, you need MORE balloons! This example is approximately 36′ of balloons. Also, adding in mylar/foil starbursts and shape balloons can add to the fullness and customize your garland to your theme.
This is our smallest HIY or Hang-It-Yourself garland.
It is between 6′ and 7′ and comes with string on each ends and in the middle to hang it wherever you’d like!
HIY | Hang-It-Yourself Garland
This is another HIY garland that went along with some balloon bursts and was added tot he top of a cabinet for a pop of color!

Ready to book? Follow this link to our Contact Us page to get started!

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