Guest Post: Danielle Detiege NOLA Party Boutique BALLOON DECOR VOCABULARY

BALLOON DÉCOR BY ANY OTHER NAME…BALLOON DÉCOR VOCABULARY Originally posted by: NOLA PARTY BOUTIQUE Before we get to the good stuff, I have to say I was stumped when trying to find an example of an idea for a client and I of course turned to Google! The first link was to a Balloon friendContinue reading “Guest Post: Danielle Detiege NOLA Party Boutique BALLOON DECOR VOCABULARY”

Balloon Safety and Sustainability

Celebrations and balloons are like peanut butter and jelly; they just go together! Haute Air not only values your trust in choosing to work with us on your event or special occasion, we also value the safe use and environmental impacts of latex balloons! We only use the highest quality balloons and never kits thatContinue reading “Balloon Safety and Sustainability”

Garland Pricing & Info

Our organic style garlands are Haute Air’s most popular and requested item. They can work in any space and be customized to each event. In today’s blog post we hope to answer our most frequent questions about how to order and how the price is calculated. At Haute Air we charge by “the bunch” whichContinue reading “Garland Pricing & Info”