Our garlands are custom made to each event and our work is our brand! Use the contact form for a personalized quote!

Installations are not available on Sundays but indoor events can be installed Friday or Saturday and still be ready to party on Sunday! Our balloons will last indoors, at a minimum, five days. You can also get a “Garland-to-Go” (see example photos below) delivered to you on Saturday for your Sunday event.

You can pick up your garland, have it delivered to your door, or let us do the work for you! Click here for info on delivery and on-site install.

Balloons range from 24″ to 5″
(24″, 18″, 16″, 12″, 11″, 9″, 5″) Each and every garland will have a mix of these size balloons, not all of these sizes. Don’t worry about a thing though; We will make it aesthetically pleasing to the eye and just right for your event.