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Before we get to the good stuff, I have to say I was stumped when trying to find an example of an idea for a client and I of course turned to Google! The first link was to a Balloon friend I met last year at The Big Balloon Build! “Hey! It’s Danielle! I know her!” And then I read the post and, it’s GOLD! So much good info!! I messaged her to see if I could share and she was kind enough to say, “of course!” Thank you, Danielle!!

When having conversations with clients, I realize that the balloon community has a language that is not always clear to the client or even other events professionals. I was talking about organic balloon décor recently and my health conscious, environmentalist friend got really excited by the term because it means something totally different in her world. After a few conversation like this one, I thought it would be helpful to spell out common balloon décor terms to help Balloon Professionals and clients to speak the same language.

So let’s dive in…

First, what type Balloon Professional are you seeking to hire? There are Balloon Décor Artist and Balloon Entertainers or Twisters. Balloon Décor Artist create traditional and/or custom balloon décor such as balloon bouquets, arches, columns, or custom sculptures. They create the items that you commonly see at special events like birthday parties, weddings, showers, or corporate events. Balloon Entertainers, commonly referred to as Twisters, create twisted balloon designs using entertainer balloons. You are probably used to seeing them creating your favorite animals or characters at restaurants, fairs, or birthday parties. They also often create larger detailed sculptures or centerpieces for special events. Balloon Professionals often specialize in either Balloon Décor or Twisting but there are many who do both.

Let’s talk about the two main type of balloons: latex and foil and the various sizes of each.
Latex balloons refer to balloons made from liquid rubber. The come in various colors and sizes and can be used in a variety of balloon décor designs.

Latex Balloon Sizes

Entertainer Balloons

Foil balloons, commonly called mylars, refer to balloons made of nylon sheets that resemble foil. They are usually incorporated in balloon bouquets or used as balloon toppers. They come in a variety of prints and sizes to fit most occasions as well as letters and numbers. They can also come in various shapes including rounds, stars, hearts, curves, and crescents.

Foil Sizes

Foil Balloon Letters

Foil Balloon Shapes

Themed Foil Balloons

Next, what type of Balloon Décor are you interested in? Let’s explore some of the main categories of Balloon Décor.
Balloon Bouquets
Balloon bouquets refers to helium balloons arranged and attached to a weight. They can include various number of balloons and can range from very simple to very detailed. Balloon bouquets are commonly used as table centerpieces or placed around a room to create a more festive environment.
Other terms used: Balloon arrangement, balloon centerpiece, balloon bundles

Balloon Centerpiece Bouquet

Staggered Balloon Bouquet

Staggered Balloon Bouquet w/Foils

Stacked Balloon Bouquet

Balloon Garland
Balloon Garland refers to a string attached balloons. Balloon garlands can come in several different forms: stacked, linked, or organic. Balloon garlands can be used to decorate ceilings, railings, draped throughout an event. Balloon garlands are also used to create balloon columns and arches.
Stacked garland refers to garland that is created using balloon quads or clusters.
Linked garland refers to garland that is created using linking balloons. They typically include smaller balloon clusters between the linked balloons.
Organic Garland refers to garland created by using various sizes and/or colors to create a unique free form design.
Other terms used: Balloon swoops, balloon swags

Stacked Balloon Garland

Linked Balloon Garland

Organic Balloon Garland

Balloon Columns
Balloon Columns refers to a vertical arrangement of balloons in a column or tower shape. They can be created using balloon clusters or quads, linked balloons, or in specialty designs like organic, topiaries, or Roman Columns. Columns can be created with or without a topper.
Other terms used: Balloon tower, balloon pillar, balloon tree

Stacked Balloon Column

Linked Balloon Column

Roman Balloon Column

Specialty Balloon Column
Balloon Topper refers to a latex or foil balloon placed on the top of a column.

Balloon Arch
Balloon Arch refers to an arrangement of balloons into an arch shape. They can be created using balloon clusters or quads, linked balloons, or in specialty designs like organic or string of pearl arches. Arches are sold by linear foot.

Stacked Balloon Column

Linked Balloon Column

String of Pearls Balloon Arch

Organic Balloon Arch

Linear foot refers to the combination of height and width of an arch to determine the total length.

How to determine linear foot for a balloon arch

Balloon Drops
Balloon Drop refers to a release of air filled balloons from a net attached to the ceiling. It is usually used to mark a key moment in a celebration. Examples include New Year’s Eve countdowns, championships, political events, weddings. Balloon Drops can be created in various quantities of balloons and size combinations.

Balloon Drop Before

Balloon Drop After

Organic Balloon Decor
Organic Balloon Décor refers to balloon designs including an “abstract” arrangement of balloons of various colors and sizes. It is in contrast to the uniform sizes of traditional balloon décor. Organic balloon décor can be used for a variety of applications including balloon columns, balloon arches, balloon walls, and balloon garland.

Organic Balloon Arch

Organic Balloon Swag (Garland)

Balloon Sculpture
Balloon Sculpture refers to a custom balloon design in the shape of a recognizable object. Balloon sculptures can be any variety of items made of balloons.

Minnie Mouse Balloon Sculpture

High Heel Shoe Balloon Sculpture

Balloon Walls
Balloon Wall, also referred to as a Backdrop, refers to a freestanding wall made from balloons. It can made in a variety designed including grid, flower, and organic. The level of detail can be minimal to extremely detailed.

Organic Balloon Wall

Balloon Topiaries
Balloon Topiaries refer to a balloon cluster or ball containing twelve balloons. Balloon Topiaries can be created in a variety of sizes and have multiple applications from hanging topiary balls to custom columns.

Balloon Topiary

While there are many more terms used by Balloon Professionals and the terms can vary from person to person, I hope that this listing serves as a good starting point to clear up communication when discussing Balloon Décor

Thank you, Danielle Dietege for allowing us to share your post! You can find out more about this talented and lovely Balloon Artist on her website, and if you’re in the NOLA area, we highly recommend her!

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